To The Woman Ready To Stop Doubting Herself, To Take Brave Confident Action.

You love what you do, and are ready to positively change the world.

But this new challenge, this next step, this new chapter is bringing up all that self doubt again. You are procrastinating, and feeling so stuck. And SO done with that feeling.

You have set those big courageous goals, but you're not getting them.

You are in the right place.

I'm here to co-create magic with you, to help you take brave action, filled with confidence and heart.


Imagine Your Future Self...

She is getting ALL her goals.
She lives with deep self belief, every day.
She is getting sh*t done, making moves.
She is taking brave heart-centred confident action.

That will be you, and so soon.
You will wake up SO ready to confidently go get your goals.
You will be full of pride in yourself, and in awe of the way you are positively changing the world with your purpose driven work.
You can feel it happening, I know you can.

And I am here to be your Coach, your catalyst - to help you be that woman, and sooner than you think.

You are so ready,
I'm ready - the time is now.

One To One Coaching

My Coaching is ICF 'pure coaching' (all explained in my blog and podcast):
all about you, your agenda, your plans, your beliefs and your mindset.

Our Coaching calls are clear from any "you should, you need to, you have to" - my focus is powerful questioning, self discovery, a safe and supportive space to share, with action steps and accountability.

I'm excited to share this space with you.

Step - 1 x 60min online Coaching session - $200

Jump - 2 x 60min online Coaching sessions - $295


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*all prices in AUD, including GST, payment plans available,
sessions must all be within 6 months of contract date.

What Clients Say...


Even after 1 session, I saw changes in my actions from Coaching. I was able to take more actions to further my business goals, and was not procrastinating anymore. I truly feel lighter now, and less fearful to go after my dreams. Thank you Vari!

Dani, Doctor


Thank you Vari for space to declutter my mind, and share my hurdles and blocks. You know exactly what to ask to make me dig deep, think about where I am, where I'm going and imagine what it will feel like when I'm there. Today was a magical reminder to take some actions, and do what lights me up.

Renee, Mortgage Broker


A-MA-ZING!!! Thank you, you really helped me rethink my self doubt. Vari expertly asked questions that made me come to my own realisations and light bulb moments. Her welcoming and relaxed approach has given me what I need to keep going and take actions to move my business forward.

Lisa, Fertility Coach

Who Am I?


I'm Vari - Scottish Kiwi Hufflepuff, and I spent 10 years in Leadership in the Events Industry across 3 countries - including working in a castle, a museum, a zoo and at an Olympics.

But something wasn't right - I never felt truly myself, truly aligned and passionate about my work, or that I was positively impacting the world in the way I most wanted to.

Then, after a confidence crushing redundancy in 2019, I met my first Coach. And everything changed. 

This style of Coaching, pure ICF Coaching, changed my life. I became a Certified Coach, started my business and followed my calling - helping and empowering women, co-creating a better world.

What Clients Say...


Vari is the hype girl we all need in our lives! She shared some super effective ways to reign in my self doubt, and back myself. We spoke about purpose, authenticity, alignment and mindset. She genuinely wants others to succeed - what a super star!

Hannah, Marketing Consultant


Vari is an amazing Coach. Her presence and powerful questions helped me to tune into my heart and my soul. I have never been so accountable to myself, and it's all because of you. It's absolutely awesome.

Thank you!

Jasmin, Parenting Coach

Image by Edward Cisneros

Vari you are an amazing lady. I'm so thankful for your time and Coaching, which has been nothing short of amazing for me. Thank you for the beautiful space you held for me, and your subtle guidance. I'm amazed what can happen in one session, and excited to work on an expansive vocabulary and mindset.

Leanne, Small Business Owner

Let's Chat...

I am always happy to chat!

You can get to know me and how I Coach on my Podcast.

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I'm excited to chat with you!