To the woman ready to get sh*t done,
with confidence and fun:

HELLO, I am so happy to see you here!

You love what you do, and are ready to positively change the world.

But this new challenge, this next step, this new chapter is bringing up all that self doubt again. You are procrastinating, and feeling so stuck. And SO done with that feeling.

You have set those big courageous goals, but you're just not getting them.

You are in the right place my darling. Welcome.

I'm here to co-create magic with you, to en-courage you to get sh*t done, with so much confidence and fun.

To positively change the world, because I know you can.



Take a moment, imagine your Future Self...

She is setting and getting ALL her goals.
She lives with deep self belief, every single day.
She is getting sh*t done, she is making moves.
She is positively changing the world, and having SO much fun.

And that will be you, and so soon.
You will wake up SO ready to confidently go get your goals.
You will be full of pride in yourself, and in awe of the way you are positively changing the world with your work.
You can feel it happening, I know you can.

And I am here to be your Coach, your catalyst - to help you be that woman, and sooner than you think.

You are so ready, I'm ready - the time is now.



We can take a courageous step, jump or leap together...

My Coaching is ICF 'pure coaching' (all explained in my blog and podcast):
all about you, your agenda, your plans, your beliefs and your mindset.

Our Coaching calls are clear from any "you should, you need to, you have to" - my focus is powerful questioning, self discovery, a safe and supportive space to share, with action steps and accountability.

If you need space between sessions it's yours, if you need support add Daily Voice Coaching - so you can share and I can support every weekday.

I am so excited to share this space with you.


2 x 60 min
Coaching sessions

Delivered over 1 month
Online via Zoom

All for $500
or 2 x $275 Fortnightly Payments

Add Daily Voice Coaching
via private messaging app

For + $500 for 1 month

*all prices in AUD, including GST



5 x 60 min
Coaching sessions

Delivered over 3 months
Online via Zoom

All for $1,100
or 3 x $404 Monthly Payments

Add Daily Voice Coaching
via private messaging app

For + $1,500 for 3 months

*all prices in AUD, including GST



10 x 60 min
Coaching sessions

Delivered over 6 months
Online via Zoom

All for $2,000
or 6 x $367 Monthly Payments

Add Daily Voice Coaching
via private messaging app

For + $3,ooo for 6 months

*all prices in AUD, including GST


Simply select a package above, and then...

Click the buttons above, and you're in,
then book your 1st call and let the magic begin...


I am honestly blown away!!

Vari helped me to get super clear on what I wanted, and steps to get there.

I feel like I have accomplished more in an hour of your coaching, than I have in

2 years of procrastinating in my business!

Thank you Vari.

You really are changing lives.

Kirsty, Business Owner


In our magical hour together,

Vari gave me proactive strategies for that voice in my mind that tells me

I am not good enough.

Vari knew all the right questions

to guide me through my own thoughts and feelings, to those moments of realisation and clarity.

She just has a way of

making people feel safe.

Rhyannon, Founder & Director

Kylie pic.jpg

Vari is an amazing coach.


Her presence & openness created a safe place to share my story.


After just one session with her I feel more confident and capable, knowing that I have the right tools to support me in achieving my goals.


Thank you Vari!

Kylie, Life Coach


I'm Vari - Certified Life & Success Coach, living in Melbourne, and working with wonderful clients around the world.

I'm a Scottish Kiwi Hufflepuff, and I spent 10 years in Leadership in the Events Industry across 3 countries - including working in a castle, a museum, a zoo and at an Olympics.

But something wasn't right - I never felt truly myself, truly aligned and passionate about my work, or that I was positively impacting the world in the way I most wanted to.

I spent years trying to fit into society's idea of a 'professional woman', facing discrimination as a young woman in leadership.

Then, after a confidence crushing redundancy, I met my first Coach. And everything changed. Jane held safe space for me to express it all, really genuinely listened, powerfully challenged me, helped me discover who I really am, and the work I truly was called to do.

This style of Coaching, pure ICF Coaching, changed my life. I became a Certified Coach, started my business and followed my calling - helping and empowering women, co-creating a world without workplace discrimination and zero gender pay gap.

I'm here for you - the help you take Courage: brave action with confidence and heart. Cause together, we can change the world.


What an amazing woman Vari is!

 My heart is so full after my coaching session . Thank you so much for providing the space for me

to be open to share parts of myself

I didn’t even know I was hiding.


I so hope you know how grateful I am and so very excited

about finally moving forward.

Michelle, Yoga Teacher


Thanks so much!

Thank God we have these

break throughs on tape!


I just feel the power welling up in me,

I really think eliminating

this limiting belief is the key

to making me unstoppable! Yes!

I have had more confidence and

taken more actions towards

my entrepreneurial goals.

Danielle, Doctor & Coach


Vari is the hype girl

we all need in our lives!

She gave me some easy but super effective ways to reign in my self doubt and back myself.

We spoke about aligning our work to our purpose, and being authentic.

She genuinely wants others to succeed - what a super star!

Hannah, Marketing Consultant

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