I'm Vari - Courage and Career Coach, living in Melbourne, and working with wonderful clients around the world.

I absolutely love helping and empowering other women, and that's why I have chosen to be a Coach. I also love nature, hiking, baking, musicals and curling up with a herbal tea and a good book!

I spent 10 years in leadership roles in the Events Industry across 3 countries - including in a castle, a museum and a zoo - while I loved my work and the people I worked with, I always dreamed of more.

After years of building my courage and taking big brave steps, I did it - I designed and started to live the life I had been day dreaming about. And here I am, a Certified Coach, business owner, living my dream.

I'm here to inspire & empower you to do the same - to make confident action easy every day, to make big brave things FUN, to dance outta your comfort zone and into a career full of empowerment and alignment.