Bringing Confidence & Heart

Back Into Your Work


👉 You're here to do heart centred, purpose driven work?

👉 Lost your confidence, motivation and inspiration?
👉 Procrastinating? Feel like you're getting nowhere?

👉 SO ready for some revitalised energy, heart and Courage?

This group Coaching class is for YOU!

I will guide you through:

✨ Deeply reconnecting with your purpose

✨ Setting new, exciting, purpose aligned goals

✨ Nurturing your self confidence, unique confidence rituals

✨ Designing and taking brave action, to confidently get your goals

✨ Building momentum, keeping going, celebrating along the way

Watch the class (as many times as you want) for only $35!

Client Love For Confidence Classes

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Confidence Coaching Classes

What's Happening Next


👉 My next Confidence Class will be in July 2022

I'll be travelling and reuniting with loved ones until then.

Would you, your team, community or membership love to have a special Confidence Coaching Class?

I offer custom Coaching Classes from $250 including:

✨ Nurturing Career Confidence

✨ Rediscovering Your Confidence

✨ Goal Setting, and Courageous Goal Getting

✨ Finding, Clarifying and Connecting to Your Purpose

✨ Procrastination to Brave Confident Action

Thinking of something similar?

I'm always happy to chat.