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Coaching Classes

A safe, empowering online space where I share all my most powerful ideas, questions, exercises and actions to help you find your Courage, and take confident action towards your goals.

I host online group classes, share the replays here, and create Custom Coaching classes for teams, communities, memberships and events too.

Keep scrolling to
join a live class, catch a replay, create a custom class of your own, and see what others have taken from coming to Coaching class.


Bringing Confidence & Heart

Back Into Your Work


👉 You're here to do heart centred, purpose driven work?

👉 Lost your confidence, motivation and inspiration?
👉 Procrastinating? Feel like you're getting nowhere?

👉 SO ready for some revitalised energy, heart and Courage?

This group Coaching class is for YOU!

I will guide you through:

✨ Deeply reconnecting with your purpose

✨ Setting new, exciting, purpose aligned goals

✨ Nurturing your self confidence, unique confidence rituals

✨ Designing and taking brave action, to confidently get your goals

✨ Building momentum, keeping going, celebrating along the way

Watch the class (as many times as you want) for free!

Client Love For Confidence Classes

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Custom Coaching Classes


👉 Would you, your team, community or membership love to have a special Confidence Coaching Class?

I offer custom Coaching Classes from $450 including:

✨ Nurturing Career Confidence

✨ Rediscovering Your Confidence

✨ Goal Setting, and Courageous Goal Getting

✨ Finding, Clarifying and Connecting to Your Purpose

✨ Procrastination to Brave Confident Action

I've previously created and hosted Coaching Classes for businesses including Women In Safety, Live Life Well, Freelancing Gems and The Clique.

Thinking of something similar?

I'm always happy to chat, and build a custom class for you.

Client Love For Custom Coaching Classes

We approached Vari to do a goal setting session with our members as a way to really inspir
We approached Vari to do a goal setting session with our members as a way to really inspir
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