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4 Ways Mentors & Coaches Will Absolutely Change Your Life

A Love Letter to She Mentors 💜, on my 2nd anniversary of being a member.

Hello hello wonderful people,

It’s so lovely to see you here!

So, Mentors & Coaches - how do these incredible people truly change your life? Here's how, weaving in my story along the way too.

1: Finding Your Tribe

"Oh my gosh it's not just me!!!"

Wow, is this one powerful! Life can be oh so lonely, and especially if you are an ambitious, empowered woman in business and your existing network isn't full of professional like minded women.

I absolutely adore my personal support system - my family & friends, but as I had often been the only woman 'at the table', 'in the room' and on the leadership team at work I had not established and nurtured a professional network of similar souls to me.

My Mum had raised me as a strong independent feminist who knew she could have it all, but I had never experienced the sheer, soul setting on fire, joy and empowerment of standing in a circle of professional women who all hold the same values, and are a living, inspiring example of them.

I now know that a group of women fiercely and fearlessly fighting for gender equality, and female empowerment will literally change the world.

Where did I find this group? In She Mentors.🦸‍♀️

And why is this life changing?

Finding your tribe allows you to truly live your values, and stand up for what you believe in. Empowerment. Courage. Sharing a purpose and mission with a group of people all genuinely fighting for a better world.

It has been the catalyst to me discovering my own true purpose, and building the bravery to stand up to workplace sexism and thus stand up for all women and take a step towards true gender equality in the workplace.

And never ever even consider taking a salary less than my worth, because I could "just buy less shoes".

[Yes, this was actually said to me. Yes I reported this, thanks to the support of She Mentors.]

Photo: Edwina Hollick

2:Inspirational Role Models

"You can't be - what you can't see"

How very true. How will we move towards a global leadership full of incredible, unapologetically ambitious, empowered women if those on this path cannot see anyone already there?

We take steps on the path to our highest self, our truly empowered, inspired, inspiring, goal smashing, dream career living selves, by seeing and emulating role models also on that path.

It's an offensive fact that many many women in business do not have these role models in their own organisations, industries and networks.

She Mentors has brought SO many of these absolutely amazing role models into my life...💪

✨Ali Adey - our She Mentors founder - working for gender equality, a beautiful example of female leadership and empowerment, and all while being a Mumma too

✨Lucy Allen - gracefully and openly educating us all about overcoming Impostor Syndrome, and helping us all boost our self belief and self confidence

✨Jane Taylor - a perfect powerhouse of a woman, on a mission to change the corporate system which was never designed for female leaders, and a shining example of fighting for what you believe in. As well as being my Coach - and genuinely changing my life during a very tough patch

✨Rachel Service - now she is who I want to be when I grown up!! An awe inspiring example of someone being 100% authentically themselves, and positively changing lives in the process.

✨Sarah Fritz - a gorgeous soul and leading light in the fight against workplace bullying. Courageously sharing her story, and inspiring us all to take steps towards a bullying free workplace culture

I have had the true honour of personally connecting with each of these women, and being inspired beyond words.

I can now see incredible, ambitious, authentic female leaders in the world, and I know I can be one too.

3: Boosting Self Confidence

The power of mentoring and coaching is reciprocal - I have gained so much confidence in myself, from receiving mentoring from others, and also from being the Mentor or Coach myself.

What is Self Confidence? The short answer - full answer here - is believing in yourself.

The best way to build self belief is to see all the wonderful benefits and positives of you, and your work, helping other people..

The mentoring and coaching I have been lucky enough to receive has done wonderful things to my confidence in myself.

But the true life changing magic lies in what I have received from being a Mentor, and Coach.

Rewind 2 years to when I joined the She Mentors Membership - I thought no one would ever request me as their mentor.

How wrong I was!

I have had the true pleasure of helping other women - both in my previous corporate career in Events, and now as I step into my Coaching business full time.

Seeing the smiling face of my mentee, and the beautiful words of thanks they have sent me - has built my self confidence so much. My purpose in life is to help other women - and here is the proof not only that I am, but that it's truly working.

And we all take a step towards equality and empowerment for all women.

4: Kicking Starting Your Goal Getting

We are all here to be goal setters and goal getters right?

But how long does it take you to get your goals, and how does the whole process feel?

Perhaps a little long and lonely?

What's the life changing benefit of mentors and coaches here?

An accelerator - getting you to your goals faster, and cheering you on every step of the way.

My Coach has absolutely moved me towards my dreams faster, with more faith in myself, and all while truly living by my values.

The most magical life changing moments recently have happened when I buddied up with another mentor, the incredible Sarina Lowe. Having a buddy and mentor through the process of stepping into my business full time, as they do the same, has been so heart warming and inspiring.

With Mentors and Coaches in your life, you will move towards your dreams more quickly, and most importantly with ease and flow, and surrounded by a group of women who are cheering you on, and are genuinely invested in you succeeding.

I know that a group of empowered women all supporting each other, and celebrating their successes together will change the world. And we are.

Ready for this? Join us! 🙌

Oh wait, what's that sound...?

The sound of a glass ceiling smashing.

Mic drop x

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