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4 Ways To Make Your Phone A Positive Part Of Your Day

Hello hello wonderful people,

It’s so lovely to see you here!

You have watched 'The Social Dilemma' right? You know screen time isn't the best, but you love your phone and how it connects you to the world? So how do we balance connecting with switching off from screens? Here's my top tips which have significantly reduced my screen time, and made my phone a positive part of my day again.

1: Half Your Home Screen

So tip 1 - half what's on your home screen. Here's mine!

First - let's actually see that gorgeous photo you have chosen as your wallpaper! It's an image you love right? A holiday snap, a family portrait, a favourite place or an amazing event?

So let's look at it, and smile, more - remember why we are here, and what truly makes us happy.

Second - which apps are necessary? Which are the ways you practice self love, self care, and which bring joy to your day? Then - which apps might a loved one use to contact you, either with daily hilarious life updates, or in the case of an emergency or a big life event?

For me it's calls, messages, WhatsApp and FaceTime I use to keep in touch with loved ones, so they are there. I absolutely love to take pics and to share them, so my camera and photos are too.

Calm's meditations add mindfulness to my day, and I live in Melbourne - so weather is super essential. Before a 30min walk it's always good to check if you may need flip flops, an umbrella, windproof jacket, gum boots, a sun hat...or all of the above!

2: Mix It Up Monthly

Tip 2 - regularly, maybe every month or every 2 weeks, MIX IT UP - move those apps around.

Have a good shuffle of your apps, it will change your view, and also when you reach for your phone and your thumb automatically moves towards an app you use a lot... it won't be there!

You will take a breath and think before opening an app, and less of your thumb stretching to the same spot all the time!

3: An Amazing Energising Album

Now, here's my favourite - and something I have been chatting a lot about with women in my network recently! These conversations were what inspired this blog.

Have a Happy Album!! ✨

So, set up a new album - call it whatever makes you smile - mine is my Energising Album, and here it is!

What goes into this album?

Anything and everything which brings you joy, lights up your soul, and makes you smile!

Quotes you love, achievements, beautiful messages from loved ones, pics from magic moments, jokes and funnies, and anything which brings you positive energy.

Go to your album in those tough moments and low days - I promise it will bring some optimism and positivity into your life.

4: Lock Up Your Life

So let's make good use of your 'screen time' options within your settings.

There are 3 things I use this functionality for, and I know change can be tough but it's so worth it for the time, space and joy it brings into your life!

1 - Lock all apps other than the essentials (see tip 1) at the times of day you wish to use your phone less, and be more present in your real life. Most of my apps are locked between 8pm (dinner and relaxation with my partner) and 12noon the next day. I want my mornings to be about movement - yoga, walking, stretching, and meditation - not about screens and scrolling.

2 - Group your apps and give those groups time limits, so maybe a social media limit of 45 or even 30 minutes per day.

3 - Give the apps you know you spend a lot of time on their own limit - remember that there's no such thing as an 'urgent email', or DM, or tag, or comment...

So there you are! Now go put these into action, reduce your screen time, and make your phone a positive part of your day once more!

I would love to connect, see which of my 4 tips is your favourite, and celebrate the change in your phone habits! Tag me and let's chat - see you on socials!

Love to bring more positivity and success into your life? I would love to chat!

Thanks so much for joining me here today!

Vari x