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How To Find Your Tribe & Change Your Life - She Mentors

Hello hello wonderful people.

It’s so lovely to see you here!

I am super grateful you are spending some of your precious time and energy with me today.

Here's the story of how I found my tribe, and how it changed my life.

Let's set the scene...

I had moved countries, and continents, the previous year, and was slowly establishing my network in Melbourne.

During the 9 roles I have held in my 10 years of leadership experience in the Events Industry, I had only ever reported to a female leader once.

And this was during a 3 month contract role.

In those 9 roles, only twice has my line manager's leader been female.

None of these 3 examples are from the last 6 years.

This is not OK. We have to take action.

How will female leaders succeed without female role models?

Now, this is a whole other post - coming soon, for now this is simply scene setting.

I was, and am, an ambitious female leader who is driven to progress my career, to nurture other professional women, and to have a positive impact on the world.

But how would I do this?

The Life Changing Event

On the Meet Up app I saw an event being run by She Mentors - an organisation dedicated to empowering women in business.

It seemed welcoming, warm, professional, accessible and had an incredibly interesting topic. Of course it was - the movement was founded by Ali Adey!

So I signed up! My gosh am I glad I did.

The incredible Lucy Allen spoke to us all about Impostor Syndrome, told her beautiful story, and the room was bursting with inspiration, optimism and kindness.

You could feel the tangible impact it has on us all.

My thoughts as they progressed through the event:

  • This group of women are so welcoming

  • Impostor Syndrome - it's not just me?!!

  • Impostor Syndrome - This feeling has a name?! There are strategies to fight this?! Successful talented women also feel the way I do?!

  • Ali and Lucy - what exceptional examples to all professional woman

  • I cannot wait to put what I have learnt into practice

  • I absolutely have to become part of this community

  • This is what I have been looking for - career progression, nurturing others, professional female role models and an abundance of positive impacts

The Changes In My Life



I joined the She Mentors Membership. I was - for the first time in my career - surrounded by inspiring, incredible diverse women. And they all genuinely wanted to empower each other!

This group of women's experience, expertise, strategies, talents, support, tips and tricks were shared with me during The Mentor Hour - the unique and magical part of She Mentors.


This gave me so much confidence, drive, and reignited my passion for my career,

I have strengthen my purpose, taken a deep dive into my strengths, added to skills to my repertoire, and stood proudly in the warm glow of the praise, compliments and encouragement I have received.

She Mentors, and especially Jane Taylor, are the reason I pulled through a redundancy last year too - you can read all about this here.


People asked me to mentor them!

At this event, and when I joined the She Mentors Member's Club, I thought it would always be me asking others to mentor me, but to my initial surprise several women have asked me to mentor them.

What an inspiring, confidence building experience.

I believe in myself, in what I had built and nurtured as a leader over my 10 years of experience, and I see how valuable that is.

That previous lack of female leaders really had a deep impact previously - I had never understood how much.


I won an award! 'Most Courageous Moment' - all the details here.

As the featured picture here shows - I got to stand with the other award winners, amongst these incredible women and not feel like an impostor at all, the group even included Lucy who spoke at the event which started this whole journey for me.

A beautiful moment I will always remember. Thank you Ali, and the whole She Mentors team.

So what's my advice to you?

Find your tribe, stand in your values, believe in yourself,

and be so proud if what you have achieved.

Thank you beautiful people for spending your time and energy with me here today.

I would love to know your thoughts – let’s connect & chat!

With love, Vari.

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