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Reconnecting To Your Purpose + Your Courage

๐Ÿ’Œ Feeling lost? Disconnected from the big dream for your work or business?

Today we are going to talk about reconnecting to your purpose and your courage.

Who Am I?

Hey beautiful people and welcome or welcome back to the blog.

I'm your host Vari, Scottish Kiwi Hufflepuff, living in Melbourne.

Life coach on a mission to help women take courage, brave action with confidence and with heart and their career or their business.

Working towards a world where there is no discrimination based on gender in the workplace. I mean, to get rid of this ridiculous phenomenon called the gender pay gap.

These blogs are designed to be thought provoking and to start conversations.

Thanks so much for being here.

Purpose - The WHY

We're here to talk about is purpose. And then there'll be a bonus Podcast episode coming in two weeks time, where we'll really dig into how I would coach someone on this topic, how I would help.

And those bonus episodes are available to people who are supporters of The Courage and Career Show.

If you're a long time listener or reader, you will know that we need to define something before we dig into it. If we don't know what we want, and what we're going for, we are unlikely to get there or to realise that we have got there when we do get there.

Purpose - this is something I see people struggle with. And also to stay connected with, which is why I've used the word reconnect. I often see so many women that I coach come to me and say:

"I had this really clear idea of why I was doing this career move this new business, this new service, but I've sort of lost along the way and I'm not really taking action from a purpose centred place."

Let's start with the definitions before we get anything deeper. Purpose is really the thing you're here to do. The change you want to see in the world, the impact you want to have.

And this is like a huge, huge question. So I know a lot of people are wondering - what, and how?

My first question is - can you make it super simple?

Your purpose doesn't have to be some huge thesis with really complicated language - let's make it a simple, simple statement.

My purpose is that I want a world where women aren't discriminated against because of their gender in the workplace. I want a world where people learn about the gender pay gap in history books, and not in the workplace from their own lived experience.

And that's like a huge thing, I know. I'm not able to do that on my own, I might not be able to get there in my lifetime, but that's the thing I'm striving for. And that's what I come back to, with everything I do in work.

Another question I would really encourage you to reflect on if you're really struggling to figure out your purpose is:

What's the ideal message you would get from someone about the impact that your work has had?

For me, it's:

"I listened to podcast, / I had a coaching session with you / I read a blog / I saw something you posted online / I came to conference class with you, And I though yeah I'm gonna go and take some brave confident action from really heart centred place."

That's it.

I got a really beautiful message recently about the Podcast, the way that I interview and the way that I talk to people. Which is an awesome reflection of the coaching skills I've studied for a long time and qualified in, the way I approach conversations and human beings in general has fundamentally changed the past few years. That's part of the impact I wanted to have on others, and myself.

Purpose Centred ACTION ๐ŸŽฌ

The thing I am all about? ACTION.

Yes it's great to feel clearer about your purpose, to build confidence and feel connected to your mission in life. But you have then got to do something about it.

"Reports that sit in shut drawers don't change the world.

Thoughts that live in your head and aren't ever acted on, aren't going to change the world."

Or in other words: "Nothing will get you nowhere, something might get you somewhere."

So once we have reconnected to our purpose, it's time to take action.

And remember to find your piece of the pie, your slice of the cake within the big mission you have.

Please don't feel like you have to change the world on your own. You're going to do it in whatever way you feel comfortable, and I'm sure that will be absolutely magical, fabulous and needed work.

So how do we take purpose centred action?

Purpose is not something that you set and forget.

How can you remind yourself of your purpose? How can you live through it?

How can you talk about it more? How can you infuse it into your work?

I often see people doing is thinking "I know what impact I want to have what my purpose is", but then putting work, information, services products out there, but not being really clear about the purpose behind that and what it links back to.

And honestly, the world, particularly the way the world's been the past few years are here for people, for human beings and the stories of why they are doing the work they are.

So link it back, explain to people.

That's something I'm really trying to live this year with my words being depth and mission.

Making Purpose FUN

The next thing I want to say is:

Your purpose work gets to be fun, you get to enjoy it.

Yes, I'm reading reports, and studies and papers on the gender data and the discrimination data. It's not always pleasant or enjoyable, but I get to have fun with it.

I get to sarcastically tell men who comment - "Vari there isn't a gender pay gap" or "Please shut up and calm down" I get to respond and say "Oh, maybe at the next International Men's Day conference, that should be your keynote speech."

We get to enjoy even our serious mission. We get to have fun with it.

We get to like dance along a path path joyfully doesn't have to be serious drudge, even if your purpose and your mission is something really serious.

And something which isn't like a light surface level topic, you still get to somehow enjoy the work you do and enjoy the impact that you're having. Try and remember that because it doesn't have to be this like long, hard hustle, to make a difference. Like it gets to be light hearted, fun and joyful and celebration along the way.

Also, it doesn't have to be like perfect action every day. Simply something that is moving you in the right direction.

And trial and error - or whatever you want to call that style of being in learning - is 100% OK.

It's my favourite way of doing things.

Thinking - did this work? Oh, maybe not? Can I tweak it? Can I do something different?

Your purpose and what you're here to do, gets to change and evolve as your life and you as a human being changed and evolved that's literally natural, and normal.

I know that how I talk about my purpose, and my Coaching and my Podcast and everything has massively evolved in the past two years. That's great.

People love coming along for the journey and seeing people like get deeper into what they want to do and finding that little sweet spot of how they want to have impact and how they want to do this purpose work. I'm sure I'm using different language and seeing different things than 2 years ago, because I've learned and evolved and that's what human beings are here to do.

Don't stick to something that you're not in love with and you're not connected with and doesn't give you courage anymore. Think about the language and the impact and maybe how far you've already come and what you see as realistic and achievable and also enjoyable for you

Purpose For YOU


I hear a lot of, and I've been super guilty of this, thinking that your purpose has to be for your children, your grandchildren for the next generation for other people.

Your purpose work is for YOU. And that's absolutely ok.

I don't want to earn less than a man in a similar role or business to me. I don't want to not get onto boards as I grow older because I am a woman. I want to change the way I am treated online, and I'm treated in the workplace and I'm treated as a business owner.

Yes, I also want to ensure that next generations and other people don't face these things. But you get to say "I don't want this anymore". This is such a female mindset of like, selflessly martyring yourself for other people's benefit.

You get to help yourself. And yourself first.

You get to benefit from your purpose, you get to love it and enjoy it and have a better, more peaceful, more courageous, more fulfilled life because of your work. So let's remember that.

I'm gonna leave you with that. And if you're like, but wait Vari, how do I actually get their connection and know what my purpose is and do the work?

That'll be in a bonus Podcast episode coming soon, support the show show here to access these bonus Coaching episodes once a month.

Thank you, I would love to chat to you about anything which come up while reading this - on LinkedIn or Instagram.

And if you are ready to dive into reconnecting to your purpose - pop in a free 30 min intro Coaching session with me.

Thank you for reading - and if you want to help me keep writing, you can buy me a coffee here.

Vari ๐Ÿ’œ

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