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Redundancy and Resilience - Take 2

Hello hello wonderful people.

It’s so lovely to see you here!

It's time to share my story of Redundancy and Resiliency: Take 2! You can read all about my first experience here.

I'll start with the same intro as before:

If you are one of the incredibly talented, kind and priceless people currently experiencing stand down, furlough, redundancy or any other type of job loss - you have got this (even if it doesn't feel that way - trust me!). Take time to look after yourself, and one day you will look back on this as a positive learning experience.

Note - at the time of my experience, I had savings and no other humans dependent on my income, which was a blessing. I realise the current world leaves us all in some very different situations, and that your situation may be very different.

Where ever you are in your journey, I hope this brings some peace, comfort and joy.

I'll summarise my story this time, and talk through the same 4 steps as before.

So, here we go....

My Story

The first difference this time around - it was not a shock.

As with most things in 2020, my previous role had been a roller coaster. There were highs, lows, twists and turns, and change became a constant. I knew for some time there was a chance of redundancy, so had time to process, prepare and explore my options.

When the redundancy became likely, and then confirmed, I had a plan and was ready to put it into action.

Step 1: It's Not Me

Wow, this was different this time around! Of course it's not me!

It is never you.

And this year, it's an unprecedented global pandemic.

It's not me. The role has been made redundant.

Due to circumstances completely outwith my control, and which absolutely no one could have predicted when I started this role in mid 2019.

Step 2: Help!

My gosh this was a totally different experience this time too.

I know it's important to ask for help. And I understand the type of help which resonates most with me.

The She Mentors community was, as always, a wonderful source of support and encouragement. My family and friends are as incredible as ever.

I set up more sessions with my wonderful coach, Jane. Simply feeling the optimism, resilience, determination and strength I had just after the redundancy compared to the previous redundancy 18 months ago was fascinating.

This time I really truly enjoyed the help, I embraced it, I learned more about myself, how my strengths have shifted, and how to use them for my next chapter.

Remember, everyone needs help. Especially in 2020.

Take a moment to think about what would work for you, then go and get it.

Step 3: What It Does Not Impact

As with last year, there are 3 wonderful things redundancy will never impact, and from which I take enormous comfort.

Firstly - I am still the excellent, talented, skilled person I was previously. In fact, the whole experience of 2020 has really allowed me to work on some of my skills and strengths, such as resilience, optimism and gratitude.

It's a challenging year to be optimistic right? How does one look on the bright side?

Well 2020 has had some really special moments for me... my wonderful partner and I are finally (after a year of living on different continents) living together in our own place, I now have weekly scheduled catch ups with my best friends from high school (we used to struggle to find a time which worked over time zones), and lockdown has gifted me time to bake more and spend more time on my yoga mat. Bliss.

And how about gratitude? Are you struggling to find things to be grateful for?

Here's 3 things for right now:

  • You have an internet connection

  • You have access to a smartphone / tablet / computer to read this

  • You have had an education which enables you to read

There are so many people in the world who do not have these 3 things. Be grateful that you do. And for all the opportunities your technology and education bring to you.

Secondly - redundancy does not diminish the amazing support network I have, or the love and support my friends and family show me.

In fact, in challenging times like these I think you will find your loved ones love you even more for the way you handle tough times.

Thirdly - the experience of redundancy does not impact the effect I have on the world. Can I still bring joy to those around me with my humour, my optimism, my anecdotes and my enthusiasm for life? Absolutely.

Step 4: You Are Not Rejected, You Are Redirected

This time, the quote was front of mind from the moment redundancy became likely.

So what was my new direction this time?

I have always wanted to eventually work for myself, but always thought I need to do, or be, more first.

I now realise 2020 has given me the gift of slowing down, of taking my time, of really realising who I am, what I want, and how I am going to get there.

I have taken some brave steps - started a blog, a website, a brand. Refining all of these, sitting with them, and seeing what feels warm, right, and exciting.

These have all changed and evolved over the past couple of months.

And on one particular day, I listened to a podcast which encouraged me to see the signs and go with what felt best for me. With what I really wanted.

That is helping women in their professional journey, to be brave, resilient and successful. And I do that through Career Coaching.

As if by magic, that same day I changed my social channels' name and branding. And I got amazingly positive feedback from my Insta Coach Jade. It felt right.

And that same day the redundancy became official. So I jumped whole heartedly and happily into my new direction.

I have realised the most important thing is to be who you truly are.

When people asked how I decided my brand colours, I simply reply "it's bright pink, as I am a bright pink person".

So be brave, find your new direction. Live it. Love it.

I truly am.

Would you love to work through these 4 steps too? To move from feeling challenged to feeling resilient more swiftly? Would you love expert help from someone specifically there to inspire and empower you?

That's where Career Coaching comes in!

You are your biggest, most valuable asset in business. You deserve to invest in yourself.

I would absolutely love to work with you.

Thank you beautiful people for spending your time and energy with me here today.

I would love to know your thoughts – let’s connect & chat!

With love, Vari.

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