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Your Most Valuable Asset & How To Invest In It

Hello hello wonderful people,

It’s so lovely to see you here!

We are here to talk about;

What's your most valuable asset in your career?

How do we make the most of this and amplify it?

How do we invest in it's success?

I am super excited to be sharing this with you, it's been a big part of my journey this year and something I love to talk about.

What Is Your Most Valuable Asset?

When thinking about valuable assets, what comes to mind?

Property? Money? Patents? Intellectual Property?

Now what about in your own career?

Maybe a degree? Qualifications? Testimonials? Trademark? Mentor?

While these things all have value, the most important thing is you.

It's you.

Yes, you, Definitely, it's you.

It's been proven over and over again, from online content gaining so much more traction when posted by a person instead of a brand, to people being shown to buy into the person behind the brand and not the product.

Plus, remember what every employer, customer and client has paid you money for - it's you, the whole package, the special unique bundle of your experience, skills, talent, personality, warmth and competence.

You are unique. You are wonderful. There is no one else like you. Really.

There was something like a 1 in 400 trillion (wowza!) chance of you being born.

Cue Chesney: "I am the one and only..."

And an even bigger more magical number for you being here right now, as the experienced, skilled, talented, wonderful, loved human you are.

You are irreplaceable. Literally.

Believe me?

It's OK - this realisation took me a while too.

So let's talk about my journey to this realisation, why it's so true, and why and how to invest in you.

My Journey and Realisation

So there I was, working for myself, in my own business, thinking qualifications and accreditations were the most valuable and important things, and focusing my energy there.

Then I had an incredible session with a Social Media Consultant - Jade. Her advice was centred on getting my face and my smile out there. Why? I am my most valuable asset, and especially my smile.

This was a lovely thing to hear, and really got me thinking.

Jade's advice was spot on - showing up, showing my face and my smile online led to some amazing engagement, connections and opportunities.

Maybe it's even a smiley pic online which led you to this blog post?

It also reminded me of an amazing event I attended last year with She Mentors - with the incredible Rachel Service.

Rachel talked all about selling yourself authentically, and crafting clever elevator pitches.

What are the 2 most important things? Warmth and competence.

Your warmth and your competence. You.

It's all about you.

Of course it is. You are the most valuable, unique and precious thing you have.

Whether you work in a corporate role, are the leader of a team, are a solo trader, or your own boss and the CEO of a multi-million dollar business - you are your most valuable asset. You always will be.

So now we know your most valuable asset is you - so how are you looking after you? How are you amplifying your value and your success?

How To Look After You

How are you looking after you?

And why is this important?

We can all see that no matter where, how, who you work with, showing up as your best self has wonderfully positive effects on your team, customers, clients and business.

How do we ensure we are showing up as our best self?

Self Love - are you speaking kindly to yourself? Are you grateful to your mind and body for all the amazing things they do for you? If you are looking to develop this, I would absolutely recommend 'Loving Kindness' meditations, and a little journaling - maybe start with writing down 3 things you are grateful for today.

"If you want to find the love of your life,

Look in the mirror." Byron Katie

Self Care - are you looking after your physical and mental wellbeing? This looks so different for everyone. What activities help you feel strong, grounded, calm and healthy? Maybe take a little time for a bubble bath, a massage, reading your favourite book, some gentle yoga or a rejuvenating nap.

Self Compassion - this principle and practice has been an amazing discovery for me, and transformed the way I speak with myself. Kristen Neff is the absolute Queen here - I would highly recommend ALL her resources, talks and exercises.

Now we are working on loving, caring for and being compassionate with ourselves, our biggest asset - what's next?

Invest In You - And Amplify Your Success

How do you feel about investing in yourself?

Unsure? Selfish? Cautious?

I think we all are.

If you are questioning your worth, repeat with me - I am worthy and I am enough, and maybe revisit the self love, care and compassion practices above.

You deserve it all.

Your past self wants you to continue on this amazing journey.

Your current self deserves all her dreams.

Your future self is cheering you on - you'll see her soon.

You deserve it.

And - just as a wee bonus - remember above when we talked about how showing up as your very best self impacts others? Think about the impact on all those around you - your team, colleagues, family and friends - when you are your most confident, ambitious, courageous and successful self.

So what to invest in?

Well what do you want to achieve? What would most help you?

Maybe it's more confidence, a promotion, amplified self belief, constant courage, your dream job, making a leap and changing up your career, doing that thing you have always dreamed of?

Now, you can of course work on these things yourself, with simply an investment of time. Absolutely. And all self love, care and compassion starts there too.

But how long have you had this dream, and not achieved it?

How long has it been since you set a big goal, but weren't sure on the specifics, or the right steps to get there?

What would your dream bring to your life - confidence, success, money, better relationship with yourself and others, freedom, bravery, respect?

And how much is that worth to you?

What's it worth to achieve that sooner?

Not just the extra income and financial freedom, but the feeling, the self belief, the happiness, the reduced stress and all the extra time to do the things you love.

Would you love to invest in yourself?

Of course you would. You are worth it.

Where to start?

Start with what you want - journal, think, ponder and write it down clearly.

And I would love to know what it is - please share with me!

Now is this a career or business dream? I would love to help you get there.

There are lots of different ways (with different investment levels) we can work together - let's connect and partner to achieve your dreams.

You. Are. Worth. It.

You always were. You always will be.

Thank you beautiful people for spending your time and energy with me here today.

I would love to know your thoughts – let’s connect & chat!

With love, Vari.

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