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The Trail To Courage

An online self paced Coaching experience, for the woman who is ready
to move from procrastination and doubt to taking confident action.

You have a big bold idea of what you would love to achieve in your work, your career, your business. 

But you just can't seem to find the Courage to make it happen.

You have tried to work on your confidence, on your purpose, on your goals - but you never seem to be able to keep going, to take the action?

You're in the right place.


What's a Trail? Great Question!

A beautiful new Coaching experience, for you to explore at your own pace, with 5 videos delivered over 10 days...

And since it's Coaching and not teaching, 'course' or 'programme' just didn't fit.

I'm all about the ICF Coaching - more about this style of Coaching on
my blog and my podcast.

It's a trail to Courage... with encouragement, markers and maps from me, but yours to explore and make your own.

The Trail to Courage

The trail is split into 5 parts:

👉 Purpose - find clarity and drive in your why

👉 Goals - set a purpose aligned, exciting goal (or 2!)

👉 Confidence - nurture self belief,  confidence rituals

👉 Action - design and take inspired, brave action

👉 Momentum - find drive, motivation, keep going

Delivered in 5 videos, plus 9 downloadable docs


All for only $145 AUD

Who am I?

Hello! I'm Vari - Scottish Kiwi Hufflepuff living in Melbourne, and ICF (International Coaching Federation) Certified Life Coach.

My mission in life is to inspire and empower women to go get their big bold dreams, with courage, confidence and heart.

I spent 10 years in events leadership across 3 countries (including in a zoo), and found my true calling - Coaching - after 2 redundancies.

Courage has led me to solo travel India, move across the world, build a life I truly adore, and of course start my business! Read more
here, on the blog or listen in to the podcast!


All The Details

When you sign up you will get the intro video sent straight to your inbox, plus the 9 bonus downloadable docs - which will help you get deeper into the exercises, ideas and actions throughout the trail.

Then over 10 days,  the 5 parts of the trail - each with a video (13-18min):

👉 One: get super clear on your purpose, rediscover what sets your soul on fire, and get deeply reconnected with the work you want to do, in a heart centred way

👉 Two: go from goal setter to goal getter, design a life purpose aligned, motivating and inspiring goal, with my very own goal method - G.L.O.W. goals

👉 Three: say goodbye to your self doubt, and become your most confident self, with ideas and actions to nurture your confidence, even in challenging times

👉 Four: time for action! Design exciting actions - stop procrastinating and take brave action, filled with confidence and heart, plus keep building and designing more actions

👉 Five: keep going! Figure out exactly what you uniquely need to get going, stay accountable, and move forward with passion, purpose, motivation and celebrations

Wanna Know More?


I'm always happy to chat,
you can
email me,
or DM me on

Plus there's so much more about me, my coaching, my journey on my podcast

Want a little preview of the trail?
My class on bringing confidence & heart back into your work is here

Rather work 1 to 1 with me?
That's all here

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